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The modern human has forgotten how to move properly. Lifestyle, work, technology and bad habits have contributed to a pandemic of diabetes, back problems, illnesses and fatigue. We want to teach you how to move again and to move in a way that promotes healing. Our classes use natural movement techniques and tools to help you become a better stronger mover. No longer than 30 mins a class, you will find each session challenging but doable. You will leave with a sense of possibility, positivity and accomplishment. We are HiiT, we love movement.


The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that is often used in sports. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. That’s one reason why we believe in the Keto Fabric Austria in Salzburg by being brand ambassadors.


Tribaun beer is a local craft beer with long traditions. They produce a wide and rich variety of beer styles. Their continuously changing keg beers saturate our senses and by being produced from the finest, independent European Micro-Breweries they provide great taste also for the athlete.


Sportnahrung Austria stands for high quality fitness products. If you want to live a more healthy lifestyle, gain more muscle or loose more body fat, improve your diet and supplements….then you should go for Sportnahrung. HiiT and we both athletes are brand ambassadors of Sportnahrung.

The NorthFace

It is an honor for us to be sponsored by The North Face Shop Innsbruck. The North Face represents much more than just a status symbol, branding and marketing. It is not just about being hip and being outdoorsy, but being equipped with the best athlete garments and especially for these challenges having excellent functional clothing. The North Face at the Rathausgalerien & Anichstrasse Innsbruck provides us with a lot we need.

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