Our Challenges


End of July 2021

Stubai Hoehenweg

81 km with 8.000 m altitude

During this challenge we will attempt to run the over 80 km with 8.000 meters of vertical gain of the famous Stubai Höhenweg in a possible FKT in Barefoot sandles.

This epic route connects from Neustift in the Stubai valley to the different mountain huts known as : Starkenburger Hütte, Franz-Senn Hütte, Neue
Regensburger Hütte, Dresdner Hütte, Sulzenau Hütte, Nürnberger Hütte, Bremer Hütte and the Innsbrucker Hütte. 

This route has been done many times before but never in Barefoot sandles. So we encourage you to follow our journey into the unknown.

Guiness Book of Records

Big sacrifice comes with big reward, and we aim to showcase this with our World Records. 

This challenge is a great way for everyone to get involved in a small way. We will showcase our training journals and journey on social media to the day we attempt to set some world records. You as the “man on the street” can follow this journey and also donate towards our two records.

These attempts will be made up of two different challenges.

The first being the most weight lifted in one hour with a kettlebell and here you can donate an amount per kettlebell swing, you believe Clive can do in an hour.

The second attempt is the record for the most lunges in an hour. Again you can get involved by donating a small amount per lunge you think Alex can do in one hour.


We will be hosted by @hiitfitness_ibk and the days event will be on live video feed on the Instagram page for HiiT Fitness. You will be able to also come to the studio to view the attempt live and enjoy snacks and beverages on the day free. A free workout will take place for all at the Studio to showcase what HiiT-Training is all about. We will also have merchandise available for free and to purchase. The proceeds of the sales will go to our charity partners again.


We look forward, with your help, to making a small bit of history..


” Stronger Together”

Mid of August 2021


This is the challenge that will definitely test us the most. We will be honest and say there is a touch of fear behind the confidence. The seven summits are seven famous peaks in the Stubai Valley in Tyrol Austria. They have never been summited in a FKT (Fastest Known Time).
This mammoth task will entail detailed planning, extensive training and professional mountaineering guiding. We will eventually summit almost twice the hight of Mount Everest. This task is extreme and way out of our comfort zone. However we stand behind the theory that from suffering and discomfort comes growth. We have from the founding moments of run4more said we want to also inspire people to go out there and try. To not let fear hold you back from your dreams and your greatness.
We will have to conquer many fears along this journey to the final seventh summit. We would love to have you join us along the way. With your support, your funding and your follows we can achieve our biggest challenge yet.

See you at the Seventh Summit.

DONE - March 5th, 6th and 7th, 2021

David Goggins Challenge

The legend himself, the toughest man on the planet, David Goggins has put together this insane challenge. It’s a challenge he has used on himself to train for The Moab 240 one of the hardest races in the world. 

Participants run 4miles every 4hours for 48hours.

It’s as tough as the man himself and will test mental strength much more than physical strength as sleep deprivation starts to take its toll on the mind. He put this challenge out there as a charity challenge to raise awareness for youth mental health and so of course we could not say no. We wanted to be part of this. 

This challenge is as tough as it gets. Will you support us in our first of four challenges and donate a small amount for our cause? Do you think we can finish this challenge? 

We need your support on this one. Even if it’s just a shout out on social media.


Mid of April – Mid of June

RUN from Innsbruck to Marrakesh

This is our biggest project to date. And one that will certainly come with many challenges,hurdles,laughter and tears. But it is within these enormous moments way outside the comfort zone that we find answers and growth.

“Why to Marrakesh?”, so many have asked.

The answer lies within our story, our past and our future.
The route will take us through France and Spain as we head south onwards to Morroco.

We have roots in both countries. Clive having Spanish decent and Alejandro French. Hence our spiritual and cultural link to these countries that has made us want to real “feel” this connection the best way we know how, by running it.

In part too, both countries share a rich history of ultra running and runners and have produced and are still producing the best in the world. We want to celebrate and acknowledge this rich ultra running history.

Onto Morroco.

Marrakesh has a special place in our hearts, a place so exotic it leaves no room for vague imagination. A place where Clive conquered Mt Toubkal barefoot and Alejandro has met, walked with, interviewed and has written about the legend Mohamad Ahansal, arguably Morocco’s most famous runner. It’s also the heart of a country with a steep history and love for running. It’s home to many extreme stage races, none more famous then the Marathon de Sables and has produced many legend runners. We feel the spirit of the ultra runner pulling us to this far away land where we hope to walk in their footsteps, capture their spirit and live up to the ethos of the ultra runner.

“The greater the obstacles the more glory in overcoming them”

Want to be part of this journey?

Three ways you can help us