meet the team

We are a team of motivated guys with big goals, on a mission to make a difference through funding, motivating, inspiring and encouraging those who need it the most.


run4more has a big mission and it’s one that we are very proud of.

Mental illness has furiously risen since the start of the Corona pandemic. The loss of jobs, not being unable to see loved ones, say goodbye and isolation have all contributed to the state of mental illness across the world. Suicide and mental illness has never been higher.

It’s time for healing, time to face the challenges in front of us head on and conquer them. We believe that the time is right to make these changes and we need your help.

Through the awareness we create for our chosen charity partners, your funding and our inspirational challenges we believe we can make a difference. It is not just the global pandemic that has had a significant impact on the mental psyche of people of all ages but also many other social, physical and personal factors. Mental illnesses are still largely stigmatized and trivialized by society.

We feel now is the time to change that! For this reason we have made it our task with run4more, to correct people’s view on mental illnesses and to create awareness for those affected and their suffering.

Through our challenges we want to build a community that says its okay to say: “I have mental health problems”, “I suffer from depression”, “I have an eating disorder”. It is time to do away with the taboo and bring acceptance of mental problems and the importance of mental health into the 21st century.

Those affected are not a specific group, they come from all walks of life and of all ages and all genders. Let’s work together to take the blinders off society and to shout out to these people: “It’s okay to not be ok!


To see a small change happen in the lives of the people we reach, through assistance, serving, motivation and inspiration. We see the power of positivty and determination having an impact on the people we touch.

our founders

I am Alejandro

A Mexican-French-Austrian “citizen of the world” who loves to challenge himself. By doing so I can grow, not only in Sports and Health, but also mentally and with my communities. 

I firmly believe in providing service for others and in not dreaming my life but living my dreams. I want to inspire people to leave their mobile phone and become their best version, in every sense. Today we face many international threats like obesity, diabetes, climate change and racism, we can tackle them only by uniting our forces.

I am Clive

A South African adventurer, coach, father, husband and Endurance Sport enthusiast. Although I love what I do, this alone does not define me. I am more than the next big challenge or endeavor. I want to live a life that leaves a mark on people’s lives.

I hope I can do that by inspiring people to #bemore,to not be afraid to try, to fail and to prevail. Giving people a chance to #bemore is a concrete fulfillment.

I am Michi

I’m not a runner like the other two guys but I love to do sports. I play soccer and hockey (so I’m used to cardio) and run my own Marketing agency for over 15 years.
One of the most important things I learned from sports, is to be a teamplayer and that only a great team can achieve the impossible. Together with Alejandro and Clive, I will bring everything to the game to make run4more a success. So while the guys are actually running, I run the business 🙂

Our achievements


  • Several Top 10 and Top 30 at OCR in Mexico and Spartan Races.
  • Finisher Spartan Races: Hurricaine Heat 24 Hours.
  • The only finisher of 1500 Burpees after 12 hour Military Spartan Training in 2,5 hours in the desert of Northern Mexico.
  • Won several 10 and 15 km runs like: Red Cross Acapulco.
  • Several Top 3 and Top 10 in Towerrunning.


  • South African OCR Champion (master) 
  • 23rd Place at the OCR World Championship 2018
  • 2x 3rd place Waterra OCR
  • 10th place SA warrior race 
  • 9th Place Drakensberger Ultra-Trail
  • 19th Place Stubai Ultra
  • 11th place Golden gate Challenge  
  • Top 10s in OCR